How to host website on IIS

In this tutorial let us go through steps of hosting website on IIS(Internet Information Services). In this tutorial I am hosting mvc website on IIS which is installed on local machine.

Steps to Host .net Website on IIS (Internet Information Services)

Step 1: To open IIS in command prompt type “inetmgr” as shown in below screenshot:

Inetmgr option to open IIS

Step 2: In IIS right click on Sites option and then select Add Website as shown below:

Add Website option in IIS

Step 3: In Add Website Dialog window enter name for new website, In Physical path browse for the location of website on computer which you want to host. In Port number specify port on which site to be hosted, default port number is 80.

Physical path of website on IIS hosting

Step 4: After doing setting as mentioned in step 3 click on Ok button:

Port number for website in IIS

Step 5: Now site is added into IIS, to run site on browser right click on website and then select Manage Website->Browse as shown below:

how to open website in browser from IIS

If everything is configured correctly, then site will be hosted on IIS. Now you will be able to run website from IIS.


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